2014 – Patience


21 – 25 October 2014 patiencefinalposter

Stage Director – Simon Moss

Musical Director – Suzanne Barnes

Handbags at dawn!  A bunch of nice, though clearly neurotic, middle class ladies abandon military fiancées and explore their obsession with a trendy young poet, with hilarious consequences.  Gilbert’s biting satire on fame and pretension is just as relevant today as when it was written, and Sullivan’s sparkling tunes will have you humming all the way home. Sensitively updated to the 1950s, while respecting the original, the show is directed by Simon Moss, who created our award-nominated The Yeomen of the Guard in2013.  This Patience is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Cast List

Colonel Calverley – David Stephenson

Major Murgatroyd – Lance Trodd

Lieut. The Duke of Dunstable – Tom Mullins

Reginald Bunthorne – Rob Burbidge

Archibald Grosvenor – Jon Baron

Lady Angela Fortescue-Fforde – Rachel Wright

Lady Saphir Van Hoffman – Stephanie Walsh

Lady Jane Fotherington-Grey – Rachel Howgego

Patience Mills – Megan Strachan

Ella Singleton – Grace Hawker

Mr Prendergast – Iain Hicken

Miss Lily Prickett – Marta Leskard

Maximillian Snell – Simon Moss


Audrey Applegate – Jessica Bragg

Coporal Cody – Mike Ide

Cynthia Curzon – Kate Crow

Sergeant Donnington – Selwyn Morgan

Private Falls – Richard Schofield

Harriet Fitzgerald – Sue Roffe

Hilda Fitzgerald – Pearl Foster

Lance Corporal Harrington – Geoff Cox

Pinky Joyce – Liz Souter

Cornelia Kennedy – Ailsa Ballard

Laura Newton-Bridges – Karen Spriggs

Amelia Jane Ponsonby-Smythe – Olivia White

Daphne Anne Ponsonby-Smythe – Rachael Bartlett

Cressida Reid – Jenny Gaden

Mrs Scott-Leonard – Aileen Anderson

Celia Thenardier – Bryony Smith

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